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What is a Game Truck Rental

What is a Game Truck Rental

If you want to do something different for your next get together or party, consider a game truck rental. A game truck brings a virtual party experience that all ages can enjoy. It lets your guests play against each other or alone and we have screens for the outside of the trailer so people can watch from the outside too and keep up with the action. 

This is the perfect addition to a birthday party, anniversary, grand opening or just groups of people that love to play video games. Each of our trailers has a limo style interior and is climate controlled for the ultimate comfort whether it is a blazing hot day or a cool one that needs heat. Our Surround sound system is iPod compatible so you can stream the music of your choice. A fun interior laser light show adds to the mood and we accommodate party goers of all abilities as our trailers all have wheelchair access. 

The Six (6) Internet-capable, 55” HD Flat Screens (4 interior and 2 exterior) allow players to use their fave consoles such as Xbox One, Sony PS4 systems, Nintendo Wii systems, Sony PlayStation 3 systems and Nintendo Switch, plus you get to choose the games featured on your trailer. 

If you have any questions about a game truck rental, contact Us (855-784-2632) today for information for your special occasion and we will work with you to meet your unique needs. 

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