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What Can You Expect From a Video Game Bus Rental?

What Can You Expect From a Video Game Bus Rental?

Want to spice up your next event with something unique? Consider a video game bus rental from the pros at Party Truck Game Center. We are committed to bringing the fun to you in one complete package that is both affordable and unforgettable.

Have Fun Your Way

Party Truck Game Center is proud to bring you the best seventh- and eighth-generation video game consoles, including:

  • Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch
  • Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One

We offer a gigantic library of games, including a wide selection of family-friendly options. The six 55″ LED TVs inside and outside of the vehicle can each accommodate four players simultaneously for a total of 24 players!

Stay Comfortable

Our game trucks feature plenty of amenities to encourage comfort and accessibility, including:

  • Climate controls
  • Sound system for use with your devices
  • Interior laser light shows
  • Limo-style interiors and seating for up to 16 people

Party Planning Assistance

Our team can provide you with up to 30 invitations by mail to personalize as you see fit. Or, if you prefer, we can send you a customizable PDF file to customize for your guests!

Ready to level up the fun with a video game bus rental? Party Truck Game Center is prepared to add you to our first-come, first-serve waitlist. Contact us online or call (855) 784-2632 for more information about our services or to book a truck for your event.

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