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Upgrade Your Event Plans With California Video Game Truck Rental

Upgrade Your Event Plans With California Video Game Truck Rental

Thinking of ways to put a new twist on an upcoming church youth group event or birthday party? Consider a video game truck rental from the pros at Party Truck Game Center! Our team wants to help you have safe, affordable, and fun events with a little something for everyone.

What Can Renting a Video Game Truck Do For Your Event?

  • Family-friendly fun. When you plan your event, you can request a specific library of games to fit a theme, genre, or rating based on your audience. Our team is well-versed in providing family-friendly entertainment, so if you’re unsure what games would be best, we can provide recommendations based on your needs.
  • Access to all the latest games. Our bevy of seventh- and eighth-generation video game consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo gives you access to the latest releases as well as remastered classics that everyone will love. Whether you want to host a Fortnite-themed birthday party or host a Super Smash Brothers tournament at a bar mitzvah, the options are endless!
  • Enjoy awesome amenities. We provide a limo-style interior with climate controls, wheelchair accessibility, laser light shows, music controls, comfortable seating, tons of consoles, and six 55″ LCD screens for play. Better still, we can help you with party planning by mailing you customizable invitations or providing you with a file you can customize and print as you see fit!

Please bear in mind that, in observance of COVID-19 safety measures, we are not currently booking reservations. However, we can put you on an exclusive waitlist, so you get access to a deluxe game truck as soon as possible. We want to do our part to keep Californians safe during this time.

Want to jazz up an upcoming event with a video game truck rental? Party Truck Game Center is ready to bring the fun to you. Contact our team online or call (855) 784-2632 for more information about getting onto our first-come, first-serve waitlist.

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