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Thinking Ahead to Planning for a Video Game Trailer

Thinking Ahead to Planning for a Video Game Trailer

Are you thinking ahead for party planning when the pandemic protocols relax and group gatherings are a thing again? A video game trailer should be part of the fun and best of all, Party Truck Game Center, we bring the fun to you. Due to COVID-19, we are not currently accepting reservations, however, here are some tips for putting together a fun gathering that everyone can have a great time at.


Video games make a great theme for a party, and also In the meantime, there are a variety of ways to add a video game theme to your party or set up gaming-related events for a birthday, school fundraiser, or other events. Here are some tips to help you during the planning process:


Decide if you are sending e-invites or creating paper invitations. There’s no wrong answer there, just a personal preference. Get some scrapbooking cardstock and create video game themed invitations!


Another way to weave video games into your get together is to consider the food and drinks. Get a Creeper from Minecraft as a birthday cake and most party supply stores have tons of Fortnite and Mario-themed cups and plates.


Decide on the games you want. We have a huge number of selections of family-friendly games. Talk to your kids, their friends and ask them what titles they would enjoy playing or competing against others in playing. Some of the most common requests are Minecraft, Fortnite, and Animal Crossing, all of which have multiplayer options that make it very easy to socialize, collaborate, and compete.


When the State reopens for gatherings, we will begin taking reservations again. In the meantime, plan your party and if you have any questions about our video game trailer units, consoles or game availability, call us at (855) 784-2632 or use our contact form.

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