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Planning the Ultimate Fortnite Game Truck Party

Planning the Ultimate Fortnite Game Truck Party

Do you have a reason to party coming up? We will be accepting bookings again soon post-COVID-19 quarantine closure and one great party theme is a Fortnite game truck party using a rental from Party Truck Game Center.

What Comes on a Fortnite-themed Game Truck?

Our trucks come with family-friendly titles on the latest seventh- and eighth-generation game consoles. We recommend getting additional games along with your Fortnite games on the PS4 so players who may be more comfortable playing Minecraft has just as much fun as anyone else.

If It Rains, Do the Games Get Cancelled?

The game trucks are fully enclosed and climate-controlled so the temperature is always perfect for your party-goers.

Hide Loot in a Llama Pinata

Get a supply llama and fill it with favors, candy, and treats. You can use it as a centerpiece and then let your attendees go wild and break it open to load up on the loot.

Themed Tableware Sets the Mood

There are Fortnite emblazoned plates, cups, and napkins to bring the theme to your event. Also, Fortnite-themed table coverings complete the look.

Loot Drop for Your Guests

Going in and out of the party truck, make it an option to grab a Loot Drop. Small bags with yellow balloons complete the look. Hide

small toys, treats or other fun favors.

If you need a Fortnite game truck for your party, call Party Truck Game Center for video game parties and quality service that comes straight to your door. For more information about scheduling, planning, or to get an estimate for one of our trucks, contact us online or call today at (855) 784-2632.

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