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Make Your Next Teen Event a Blast With a Video Game Truck Rental

Make Your Next Teen Event a Blast With a Video Game Truck Rental

Keeping teens busy at any event is a challenge. But there is one sure-fire way to keep them entertained at your next teen event. A video game truck rental from Party Game Central provides hours of fun and entertainment that will leave your group, begging you to do it again.

You Choose the Event – We Bring the Fun

No matter what kind of teen event you are planning, our mobile game truck provides a unique form of entertainment. We can accommodate up to 24 players for single or multi-player gaming. The interior is climate controlled and has comfortable seating. Your gaming host makes sure everything goes smoothly and that everyone enjoys themselves. We can also help with planning and provide a certain amount of invitations to your event.

Choose Your Gaming Platform

Options are all part of the gaming fun. You don’t have to worry whether one kid likes te Wii while another one prefers the Xbox. Our video gaming truck has the following gaming platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Switch
  • PS4

If you like games that require lots of movement, such as the dance games, we have two outside game consoles as well.

Plan Your Next Teen Event with Us

Party Game Central is all about the fun. We think life should be one big party and we want to help you plan your next teen event. We add an extra element of pizzazz with laser lights inside the bus. It’s a three-dimensional experience the kids aren’t likely to forget. If you are planning something for a youth group, scouts, or other team type group, it can be a fantastic way to encourage teamwork.

Contact Party Game Central today and enquire about our video game truck rental. You can visit us online or call at 1- 855-784-2632.

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