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Liven Up Your Next Event with Game Truck Entertainment

Liven Up Your Next Event with Game Truck Entertainment

What better way to celebrate a birthday, school graduation, church youth group get-together, or team-building getaway than adding some game truck entertainment to the mix? Not only does healthy competition and cooperation via gaming encourage fun and relaxation, but your guests can have a blast in the comfort of limo-style interiors with excellent climate controls.

Never had a gaming party before and want to know how your guests can benefit?

  • Game trucks offer accouterments like limo-style interiors, climate controls, and wheelchair accessibility so everyone can play together in comfort. Interiors accommodate up to 16 players, while exterior screens can host an additional eight.
  • Our catalog includes a broad selection of classics as well as the latest titles for seventh- and eighth-generation consoles. Need family-friendly options? We have a curated library ready with your audience in mind.
  • We even help with the party planning! Whether you would prefer a PDF or paper delivery, we can provide you with customizable invitations to make assembling your party more straightforward than ever.

Please keep in mind that, due to COVID-19, we will not be taking reservations this quarter, but will be available to provide our regular services once public health and safety restrictions are lifted. We want to make sure every party we hold is safe for everyone. Our waitlist covers bookings for the third and fourth quarters, so if you wish to get a party truck for an event, we can still accommodate you.

Party Truck Game Center is proud to offer hours of game truck entertainment at competitive prices for a wide variety of applications. Want to know more or book a first-come, first-serve reservation? Contact us today online or call (855) 784-2632 to reach a member of our team.

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