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Level Up Your Next Party with a Video Game Trailer

Level Up Your Next Party with a Video Game Trailer

Thinking of sprucing up a party or other event with a video game trailer? At Party Truck Game Center, we are ready to bring the fun to you. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, however, we want to make sure that everyone stays safe and observant of current safety regulations.


In the meantime, there are a variety of ways to add a video game theme to your party or set up gaming-related events for a birthday, school fundraiser, or other events. Here are some tips to help you during the planning process:


Craft fun personalized invitations for your event. Whether you intend to send digital invitations or mail them out to your guests, have some fun with it! Depending on the theme for your party, you can create paper crafts with your family based around the theme, or create digital images that are evocative of the themes and games that will be at your party.


Think about refreshments that fit the theme. What about a birthday cake that looks like a creeper from Minecraft, or party cups and plates emblazoned with beloved video game characters like Mario or Link from The Legend of Zelda? The options are endless, so take your time to find what would work best for the party that you have in mind.


Curate a list of fun and family-friendly games. Survey your kids, their friends, or students in your class about the games they like to play. You will no doubt hear about popular titles like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Animal Crossing, all of which have multiplayer options that make it very easy to socialize, collaborate, and compete in fun and novel ways.


Keep in mind that we are temporarily closed and not accepting new reservations due to COVID-19 at this time. However, once we reopen, we are more than ready to serve you with deluxe video game trailers that are packed to the brim with fun games and the latest consoles. For more information about what Party Truck Game Center can do for you, call us at (855) 784-2632 or use our contact form.

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