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How a Game Truck Can Elevate Your Events

How a Game Truck Can Elevate Your Events

Are you looking for novel ways to make your event one for the history books? With a game truck from Party Truck Game Center, we can help you craft fun events for guests of all ages. The beauty of video gaming is that there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy, and that shared interest in creating, building, and exploring brings people together to create fun new experiences every day.

While our service is currently on hold due to COVID-19, we’re ready to bring the fun to you the moment it is safe and feasible to do so! Our custom video gaming trailer comes with a ton of awesome features, including:

  • Wheelchair accessibility, climate controls, limo-style interiors, and custom music options.
  • A selection of the hottest games and consoles available from big names like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.
  • Six 55″ LCD TVs, both inside and outside of the truck, to accommodate up to 24 gamers at once.
  • And more.

What do all of these fantastic features mean for your event?

  • Customize the experience. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a school fundraiser, a game truck is designed to be all-encompassing while giving you control over available games and much more. Our experts can recommend games consistent with an event theme as well as keep the library of available titles to family-friendly games that kids know and love.
  • Get party planning assistance. Not only do we bring a unique experience to your event, but we can also send you invitations to customize as you please! We can provide up to 30 paper invitations to customize as you please or send a fully customizable PDF so you can craft and print a personalized invite to your event.
  • A unique experience at a fair price. We want to bring the party to you without breaking the bank. Party Truck Game Center often has great deals and bonuses for choosing us for your next big occasion. We strive to do what we can to make every event we attend special.

Choose a game truck service that has it all. Party Truck Game Center wants to be a name you can count on for unforgettable entertainment offerings every time. Contact us online or call (855) 784-2632 for more information or to get onto our first-come, first-serve waitlist.

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