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Get a Game Truck in Los Angeles for Your Next Event

Get a Game Truck in Los Angeles for Your Next Event

Do you want to find a game truck in Los Angeles to accommodate an upcoming birthday party, bar mitzvah, or another occasion? If so, the pros at Party Truck Game Center are ready to bring the best in gaming to you in custom-built facilities with limo-style interiors. Our trucks are made to maximize fun while minimizing stress for party planners.

Not sure what to expect? Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about our service:

When should I request that my game truck arrives?
The ideal time for your game truck arrival should be about half an hour to one hour after your guests come to your event. Not only does this ensure that most of your guests come to your party, but it also maximizes everyone’s use of the game truck!

Is it possible to monitor content so that it is family-friendly?
Yes. We offer a variety of content that is appropriate for all audiences and can personally work with you to vet games and ensure that your guests get content that is fun for everyone. To ensure maximum enjoyment for the event, we recommend not renting a game truck for guests who are six years old and younger. We service a variety of school and church events with our vehicles, so we are very familiar with the need to ensure that the games we provide are suitable for the event.

Can a game truck still operate in bad weather?
Yes, we can. In the event of bad weather, we’re still ready to entertain with climate-controlled trailers that can accommodate up to 16 gamers inside. The only reason we would not be able to make it to your event is if the weather is too severe for driving.

What consoles come with your game trucks?
Inside you can find the following:

  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360

We offer all major seventh and eighth generation game consoles to maximize access to the latest games.

If you’re ready to maximize the fun at your next event, consider renting a game truck in Los Angeles that is packed to the brim with features to maximize comfort and enjoyment. For more information about Party Truck Game Center’s custom trailers, current specials, or to get an estimate for your party, you can contact us online or call us today at (855) 784-2632.

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