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Considering Renting a Game Truck in Los Angeles for Your Next Event?

Considering Renting a Game Truck in Los Angeles for Your Next Event?

Whether it’s a graduation event, a birthday party, or any other type of event, party planning can be overwhelming. You want to make sure your guests have tons of fun, and you also want to make sure your entertainment is engaging and family-friendly while at the same time. You can get all of these things by renting a game truck in Los Angeles.

Allow the professionals at Party Truck Game Center to take care of the entertainment so that your kids and all of their friends have a blast while you can inspect other aspects of the party. Our wheelchair accessibility, limo-style interiors, music options, and climate controls allow kids to make the experience they want. They can choose from all the biggest seventh and eighth generation consoles and video games, including a library of exclusively family-friendly titles, to play on our six large 55″ flatscreen televisions both outside and inside of the trailer.

How else can renting a game truck help you with your parties?

Save on venue rentals

We meet you at your chosen location so that it suits our parking needs and is compliant with local regulations. If you’d like to throw a birthday party at home as opposed to elsewhere, we can even set up the fun right in front of your home!

Keeping the guests together

When throwing a party with lots of entertainment and events, there can be a risk of kids wandering off on their own or otherwise getting lost. Our staff monitors every single one of your guests and ensures their absolute safety. No matter what, our first and foremost commitment is to the safety and comfort of guests.

Have an absolute blast with all the latest favorite games, music, and more. Our trucks are outfitted with the newest game consoles, laser light shows, music customization options, comfortable seats, and even more to keep your guests entertained during your party. We craft an experience tailored to your needs and your guests’ needs so that you can have an epic party without breaking your bank.

Ready to throw your loved ones an utterly unforgettable party featuring a game truck in Los Angeles? We can help with that. Contact Party Truck Game Center today online or at (855) 784-2632 for more information on rentals, amenities, or to schedule one of our trailers for your next event.

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